Buffalo Dance Project Directions1. Vocab given and worked on in class - added to vocab spread sheet on Google docs

goring 66
abate 67
tumult 73
penance 70
wary 65
2. Oral reading of story/questions to be answered on a google doc. Share it with me, please.
BLOG Directions:You will be reading a story and responding by the creation of your own blog. You will entitle and design it appropriately for what you are being asked to do on the blog. You will be required to do two posts of some length, as well as some artwork which will be scanned and incorporated into the blog. You will also be commenting on the posts of others. Organize the required pieces of the blog in a way you believe is appropriate.Here are the rubrics that will be your roadmap to success for the project. There is a rubric for each of the two required posts as well as one for the blog itself. Read them often.

General Directions:
BookMark this Page to get to your own personal blog.
After reading the selection The Buffalo Dance , you will be making a blog
about the story. This blog will give us the opportunity to use our writing
skills and our artistic abilities.

The following items need to be part of your blog.


First Post

A comparison between Neosho and Chanuka is to be made. Tell the ways
in which they were alike and tell the ways in which they were different.
Your project should be typed in size 14point. Use the Helvetica font. Double space.Directions for writing compare/contrast articles:A comparison shows how two subjects are alike. A contrast
shows how they differ. Sometimes comparison and contrast are used in
a single piece of writing.

Student writing should have the following parts:

• begin with a topic sentence

• make your points of comparison

• another topic sentence

• make your points of contrastHave a concluding statement to wrap things up at the end of the article.

Second Post
You are to write a summary of the story in your own words. Write it in Google Docs and share with me, please.
Your summary needs to be at least one type written page. Your summary must have the title of the story and the author’s name included in the piece. Your project should be typed in size 14 print. Use the Helvetica
font. Double space. Use the Summary sheet and the Big Thirteen to proofread.
Directions for writing a summary:

Students will write a summary of the story read. Writing needs to focus
on the following:

• There will need to be three parts to their summary.

• a beginning
• a middle
• an end

• The story must be written in the student’s own words.

• The reader must be able to understand in logical order what the
story was about. (organization)

Teacher/student may work on an outline so as to organize thoughts and ideas clearly before writing. (show me the outline before you begin to write)

In any writing, no matter how it is showcased, use the Big Eleven and the other
guides, like the summary guide, for direction and help.


1. Your blog must have a Title Section with:
a. The title of the story and the author
b. It needs to have some decoration or symbol representing
the story.

2. You need to draw and color a picture showing Chanuka in his canoe.

3.You to draw and color a picture of Chanuka finding Neosho.

4. You need to draw and color a picture of Neosho and Chanuka doing
something together.

5. You are to draw and color a picture of the buffalo dance.

6. Draw and color the object or sign of peace of Chanuka’s being in
enemy territory with no one's knowledge, except Neosho's. Captions may be added under the pictures when you import or embed them into the blog.hartmenscrkcrp.jpgA Great Example