Google Map Option:

Boston Photos

If you control click on the photo you want, you will be able to see an option in the right hand side bar that says "Copy Image Location" Click on it and it will copy to the clipboard. (It will look to you like nothing happened.)

Go to your map, select rich text in the editing box of the placemark.

Type in a name for the photo and highlight it. Go to the link and paste in the code. Save and Done

Now when you look at the place mark, you should see the link. Click it to get to the photo.

Next you will write the description of the photo, and most importantly, how it is significant to the story of Johnny Tremain.

Finally, you will add a discussion section in which you write several questions for a reader to think about and and answer.

This video describers the above directions:

Google Lit Trip Project

Additional Directives for tech help on the project:

How to save you’re Johnny Tremain folder from Google Earth on your school computer and move the file to your home computer………

1. In Google Earth, go up to File>save as> Save Place As

2. Go to Google Docs – File>Upload

3. Now on your home computer, Go to Google Docs and download your Johnny Tremain document.

Click on it and it should open up in the My Places folder in your Google Earth on your home computer

HTML Code needed for media on placemarks of GE

To insert a picture:

To insert a link:
<a href="">Boston Tea Party Historical Site</a>

To insert line breaks between photos and text or lines of text:
<BR> at the beginning of the line you want a break between

Sources of help understanding the book Johnny Tremain.………