Q1 Book Report: A Talking Avatar made using Voki

Historical Fiction Book Review
Choose your book from one of the lists: Infosoup AR
Sign up book on shared google doc called Historical Fiction Choice Q1

You will write a paragraph (script) that explains why your book belongs in the category of Historical Fiction.

These five items need to be included in your paragraph.
1. genre
2. name of your book
3. author of your book
4. Tell how your book fits into the genre of historical fiction.
a. mention real places if the author used them
b. real names.........
c. real events.........
5. NOT ALL, but some of these words: plot, setting, conflict, resolved (resolution) - Remember that this is a very short script you are writing. Choose your words carefully.

Text Example: You will write the script first and have it approved for recording. Use the rubric.

Sample script:
In the historical fiction book called Light in the Forest, events from history are played out in the plot created by the author Conrad Richter. This book belongs in the historical fiction genre because of its setting in and around the real release of Lenni Lenape captives in 1764. This release came about by a treaty signed by the Indians and Colonel Bouquet, a real colonel of the US army at that time in history. The main characters of the book, True Son and his Indian father, Cuyloga, were created by Richter to represent real people who actually were taken captive and later released by this treaty.

Voki Example:

You will be posting these on a website that you will create to display your digital work from the year. These are fun to do. Do have some fun, but do a good job and try to make them as realistic as you can.

You will go to vokito create your avatar and record your script.
When you get to this page, click on Classroom Voki in the upper right hand top tool bar.
Username and Password (on ticket) goes in on this next screen on the bottom left. (Watch Video)