Q3 Book Report

This quarter you have read some of the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book of the Year nominees. You will now begin a project to
interest us in the book by creating two things - a poster and a summary. Directions are included for both below.
They are quite specific, so please make sure you read carefully and follow them to be successful. I know you will!

The poster and summary are due on March 3. They will be displayed at our Science Fair/Open House on March 7.
Start planning now! I'd like to scan all the poster and get them into a Voice Thread for commenting, too.

The summary will be run off and glued to the back of your poster. It must be done in G Docs so it can be shared - anyone with the link can view.
We will add a QR code to the front of the poster so people can scan the code and read your summary online. Download a copy of the directions below so you follow them accurately.

Optional Assignment: Ask me for an account in the web 2.0 tool called Glogster.I will set you up with a code.
Create an online poster following the rubric above. You can scan a picture and add it digitally. You can add the summary as a data file. This is basically like doing the poster, only online. You won't need stencils and a ruler.