Watch the video before class. It will show a creative definition of a plot diagram.

The Video is entitled Plot Stucture
You can type the title of the video in the search box (blank) that is under the video player on the left.

After watching the film, go on the internet and search for other information about plot diagrams.
Find out some other names used for introduction and falling action. Take notes in Google Docs.
Can you be creative and find a shape that reminds you of the diagram, just like the teacher in the video?
Have some fun with it.

Next Day in Class:

Use your Showme App on the iPad to create an instructional show me describing your own modified version of the plot structure you saw on the video.
Post your Showme to the website showme. - elstigers

Embed your show me here and include your name under it. You may have to go to the website ( to get the code.

Next, you will use what you know about plot diagramming to diagram the plot of either one of the short stories we read this week.
This can be done as a ShowMe or using this App online - Plot Diagram Mapping