This project requires finishing the book Waiting for the Rain by Sheila Gordon.
You will use the web 2.0 tool Animoto as the "container" for your information. Accts made with teacher.
Wordle, another 2.0 tool will be used as one slide. Use your gaggle acct to create a user name and password.

This document will explain a bit more about what you are creating today - A Digital Story. Read it and we will discuss it tomorrow as we view some examples of digital stories.

It would be a good thing to read and review the rubric that shows you the roadmap for success in this project.
Refer to it often.

Requirements are:
1. Collect photos that depict the issues and conflicts that surrounded Apartheid in South Africa.
2. Use Wordle to create a slide that depicts the above, and use situations and characters that were portrayed in the book.
3. Create a Cinquain poem that depicts the above issues and confliects in word form. Make sure to read and follow rules of cinquain creation. You will need to write this on Keynote and export the slide as a jpg file for use in Animoto.

Use of storyboarding. As we learned in the lesson in class, storyboarding is vital to create a great digital story that is well paced and flows nicely through the video. It helps with the fluency of a story - as we use the term when writing with the Six+1 traits - fluency greatly enances understanding of the message you want to get across to the audience.
Use the template provided here to plan your story - all the media involved, pictures, music, voice, etc.

Arrange the three items above in such a way in Animoto, enhanced by an appropriate choice of background music in Animoto,
to create a feeling for the audience that captures the feelings in the book and living under Apartheid in SA.

When all finished with the project, embed your animotos below. Add your first name below the project. We will view them on the screen and discuss at the due date. Also embed into your portfolio and create a reflection on what you have learned during the unit on Waiting for Rain.

Ask yourself:

Have I used photos, sound, and text together in my project to help create a mood or tone for the subject: Apartheid?

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